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About Bulgur

Cleaning wheat, boiling, drying, peeling bark grinding in different types of mills, obtained by separation of particles of different sizes consisting of only water and wheat is valuable and nutritious semi-finished food item.

Grain group, located at the base of the food pyramid is an important and affordable source of carbohydrates. Bulgur is a valuable nutrients contained in the grain group. Which is the main raw material for wheat bulgur is needed to better understand very well acquainted.

Wheat; essence, consists of 3 sections, bran and endosperm many of the nutritional components are located in the core and bran section. That is only part of the energy contained in the endosperm of wheat with starch and less protein.

Wheat bran extract and in the structure, zinc, magnesium, chromium, such as minerals, pulp the diet, some phenols, phytates and selenium; also it contains all the B vitamins except vitamin B12. I want to import bulgur .cheapest bulgur,

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Our products quality control in accordance with ISO 22000 hygienic production conditions
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Control at each stage of production and testing for quality and safe products are made.
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