Bulgur Benefits

Bulgur comprises rather high amounts of fiber brought into a prominent position in the intestine working. Also has a full-retaining properties of the fibers has an important role in load bulgur weight control. 25-30 grams per day, as specified by the World Health Organisation. We have about fiber needs. 1 cup bulgur meets this need significant amounts.

Vitamin B1 in the building; It plays an important role in strengthening our nervous and digestive system. Moreover, this vitamin is necessary to regularly consumed in the prevention of disease beriberi.
Results will boost the level of intelligence of infants and pregnant mother of folic acid contained in the structure except through them all, which is very necessary.

Due to the low glycemic index, bulgur, wheat long full amount in the blood is a product that can be used in slow-mixed diet. It is also recommended to the diabetics. Also the salads, a product offering highly variable due to a material used in hot and cold food. Duru bulgur, durum wheat, duru bulghur,import export, cheap, first quality bulgur,perfect,who sell cheap bulgur in turkey. wholesaler company for bulgur



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