Nefis Bulgur - BULGUR TYPES

Bulgur Varieties

1. Results of basbasa: It is a kind of bulgur obtained by peeling only the crust without breakage of the wheat. It can be used in pilaf, in fillets and in soups.

2. Coarse Bulgur:It is usually a type of bulgur which is used in pilafs or fillings and whose head is thinner to the find, and bulbous to the bulb which is one step larger than the bulb.

3. Bulgur: It is the most popular bulgur variety in the world and in Turkey. It can be used in pilafs and salads.

4. Thin Coarse (Midyat) Bulgur: It is bulgur variety which is thicker than pilaf bulgur, and bulgur is one step higher than bulgur. In certain parts of Turkey and Central Anatolia, this type of bulgur is more preferred.

5. Fine Bulgur: It is smaller than Midyat. It is a kind of thin bulgur which is used in salad, soup and various cereals.

6. Thin Cutlet (Cutlet Raw) Bulgur: The locality is one step smaller than the bulgur; Raw meatballs, desserts, soups and salads.

7. Bulgur Brown: It is a kind of bulgur which is produced from wheat broomstick or dark brown bulgur and is different from yellow bulgur. The color of the rain is due to the buğdaydan; It is not diet product.

8. Thin Brown Cutlet (Cutlet Raw Brown) Results: It is easy to knead because of its softness. It can be used in salad and soup as well as cucumber meatballs.

9. Whole wheat Bulgur: Whole wheat bulgur can be used especially in diets and weight control as the bark part contains more dandruff with less peeling.Whole wheat bulgur; Pilaf, fillets, salads and soups.

10. wholemeal Fine Bulgur: Whole wheat corn can be used in bulgur, yellow cornmeal salad, salad and soup.Because it contains more dietary fiber in the structure, it is recommended especially in weight control and diets.

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