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About Us

"Nefis Bulgur Industrial Trade Limited Company " has combined innovative solution capability with her experince since year 1965. Production technology is continuously improving and Product Portfolio is growing every year. Almost Half Century expertise provided us the main MISSION for Healthiest and Top Quality food products.
Our Company is located in the south part of Turkey, City of Gaziantep with 10000 m2 land and 7500 m2 closed production area with Annualy 30000Mtons. We are continuing to serve the Whole World With Delicious Healthy and Fresh foods under hygenic conditions.
We are targeting the Whole World Taste with our Quality and Natural Taste with Innovative Food Products. We serve the world with our distributors in all 7 Continents of the World.
It is our Pleasure to Reach you by our main Product Portfolio is Bulgur Products(whole grain bulgur, extra coarse bulgur, fine bulgur, coarse bulgur with vermicelli, brown coarse bulgur, brown extra coarse bulgur, brown fine bulgur, coarse bulgur, medium coarse bulgur, traditional coarse bulgur, traditional fine bulgur, jarish jerish coarse cracked wheat, jarish jerish fine cracked wheat, parboiled wheat, ashura-dehusked wheat hard, ashura-dehusked wheat soft), Practical Cig Kofte Lentils,Practical Easy Kofte,Freekeh, Wheat Products, Lentils(red lentils football, red lentil split), Chickpeas, Beans, Kidney Beans, Corn(corn semolina, corn flour, corn starch),Spices, Pasta, Pistachio, Nuts and Local Tastes.


Halal Food concept, international The Codex Alimentarius Commission documents "food allowed in Islamic law in line" located on the meaning and "does not contain any element which is forbidden by Islamic law, in areas free of these elements or prepared in the device, processed, transported and stored, out of this situation produced with any food preparation process, transport and storage stages of the product without direct contact "it is defined.


Our Quality Policy

Being customer focused and ensure customer satisfaction.
Manufacturer and distributor to be in cooperation with the firm and implement win-win policy
ensure employee satisfaction
• Continuous improvement and to target growth
be sensitive to the environment and human health

Our Brand Story

A grain of wheat that the wind drag, the soil itself all buried, buried under a winter abdomen, come spring wheat gave a green sprout. Virgo has been watered rains sprouts, solar ripening ears, ears of ripe wheat growing within, for the wheat spike has bowed his neck Virgo that have filled it up, come to collect me so.

His hands are calloused Anatolia all like you and wheat collected by the sweat of the people, by taking the natural delicious smoothie Bulgur laugh, work of expert professional team, according to the 100% durum quality examined by, after a high-protein wheat business has delicate image of the cleaning of the sanitary visit stainless chromium won the cooked dried after washing a beautiful After the outer shell (bran) extract is broken from operations after being hurt gegbekl quality and humidity controls our food engineers then packed our love adding a rest. Our Place After dinner Master of receiving the mother on the shelves on by One of our saucepan, adding happiness on their beautiful hands after cooking a nice, indispensable to our table with the necessary materials Products a flavor delivery Things that comes as the market vitamin and. Bulgur with a long-life wishes. Enjoy your meal ..


Customers may be available or needs, demands and expectations 


Our products quality control in accordance with ISO 22000 hygienic production conditions
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Control at each stage of production and testing for quality and safe products are made.
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Results exquisite as needed domestically and abroad in all aspects
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