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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: How Much Calori Bulgur Has?

Answer: for 100 gr/342

Question: Do diabetics eat Bulgur?

Answer: Yes, They can eat mind at peace because bulgur has low glycemic index

Question: What are the nutritions in the Bulgur?

Answer: Bulgur has all B vitamins except B12, carbohydrate, and folic acid.

Question: What are the benefit of Bulgur?

Answer: Bulgur saturates and facilitates digestion. Bulgur raises blood sugar slowly and prevents it from falling rapidly. It gives energy.

Questions: How long is the self life of the Bulgur?

Answer: Bulgur is resistant to mold formation due to boiling and drying processes and it shelf life is longer than other products. It does not contain a preserver.

Question: Do pregnancies consume Bulgur?

Answer: Yes, Exactly they eat Bulgur because the most important feature of folic acid is that it is beneficial for the baby's health in the womb.Consuming Bulgur during pregnancy helps babies improve their intelligence.

Question: Does bulgur weaken?

Answer: Certainly. The protein is rich in the Bulgur is a satisfactory source of food and therefore can suppress the feeling of hunger for a long time.

Question: Which diseases are good for Bulgur?


*Bulgur protects bone health. Bulgur reduces 

 *Alzheimer's diseases.

  *Bulgur becomes an opstacle to the gallstones.

   *Bulgur strengthens textures.



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