Nefis Bulgur - Bagels Kebabs

Bagels Kebab

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650 gr. ground beef,
200 gr. Stunning black fine cracked wheel soaked in warm water,
85 g. pine nuts,
20 g. garlic,
30 g. grated onion,
2 tie finely chopped parsley,
15 g. meatballs spice, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper
10 g. salt,
15 g. soaked red pepper flakes,
50 gr. domestic peanuts,
5 g. grated parmesan cheese.

Add a mixture of ground beef, moistened pretzels, pine nuts, finely chopped parsley, battered garlic, grated onion, spices, cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, salt, wet crushed pepper. After thoroughly kneading the mixture, it is rolled to a large size from the bird, attached to the grill bottles and cooked on the grill. After shaking, serve to the plates and sprinkle grated cheddar and pistachio inside. The meal is now ready for service.

 Note: If you prefer cheese on top of our food and tomatoes instead of peanuts


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