Nefis Bulgur - Batirik


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Half a kilo of delicious fine cracked bulgur
We gr.fıs 125 inside (and it will be crushed roasted)
125 gr.susa I (crushed and will be roasted)
1 onion
Half bunch parsley
2-3 tomatoes
2-3 cucumbers
2-3 tablespoons dried tomatoes
1 teaspoon mint
1 lemon juice


One glass of water is boiled and the tomato and bulgur are dipped in water. The tomatoes are shredded and mixed. Mix the tomatoes and pepper with onion, mint and salt.Soften the pistachio, sesame and parsley and chopped. Add it after a little mixing and then add the lemon.    Take small pieces such as meatballs and squeeze them lightly with your coworker and put them in the serving tray. Finely chop and add the cucumbers.Dilute it so that it is not too dark. It is served with garnets such as lettuce, cabbage, onion sauce.


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